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Capellas and Associats

Victor Capellas Coll founded the office in the decade of the 60, and his daughter, Montse Capellas Quintana, current director, joined it more than 25 years ago.

The firm has always been characterized by giving a very personalized treatment to its clients, highlighting how easy it is for them to contact those responsible for each area to quickly solve the doubts and daily problems related to legal and economic-financial issues.

High specialization and offer an exclusive and highly qualified service is your hallmark.


We offer a high quality competitive service

Specialized team in continuous training


Effective communication system


Global vision of the reality of our clients

All our clients are important

fiscal capellas

A team integrated with your company

Always by your side

The incessant legal changes make fiscal management a complex field.

The accounting, fiscal, labor and commercial obligations of your company can become a problem if not accompanied by good advice in each area.

Ignorance or bad advice can lead to the imposition of sanctions by Public Organizations.

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